Transverse adds unique value through its ability to retain risk and provide underwriting, compliance, actuarial, and claims support to its program partners. Being an active partner in all functional areas of the program cycle enhances everyone's interests, and differentiates Transverse from passive markets that simply provide paper and limited value-added services.

Transverse is an independently owned program carrier group, free of the potential constraints and conflicts that hamper your ability to trade freely with all markets in the industry. Partnering with Transverse for your program capacity needs eliminates any concerns about sharing your business with a potential competitor.

Transverse provides rated admitted and surplus lines capacity nationwide, and can tailor solutions to meet your most critical needs. 

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You need reliable program capacity to grow your business. You need partners focused on solutions, not limitations. You need partners who help with compliance, analysis, and filings. You need partners with a stake in your success. Transverse solves these needs, and more.

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